What Matters



The news is always a bit disturbing so my pup decided to create her own public service announcement (PSA

Planet earth and blue human eye – “Elements of this image furnished by NASA”


COVID-19 Staycations

Home Sweet Home

We all are spending a lot of time at home these days of Covid-19… so just remember as you are home to make it a fun place. Treat yourself to something sweet and remember to smile. Take lots of selfies to show your friends what your staycations looks like.


Since I am my peoples favorite four-legged person or dog (not certain what I am I just look different that the taller people in the house) We hired a woof-derful artist to draw a portrait of me. John Lafree has made a fun portrait of yours truly Miss SadieMiki.

It is being framed now… I can haedly wait til we hang it on the wall!IMG_2183.JPG

Never get lost in the shuffle of life

Today we just wanted to say hello … so we did not get lost in the shuffle. Life is like a card game … sometimes the cards fall into a royal flush and other times you have no hand to play.

Sadie likes to play cards… at least she thinks she does. Her idea of a good card game is to lay in the middle of all the cards and ask for a belly rub.