The Journey: Baggage Optional


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the retro railway  train station

Make the Journey Priceless when you travel light.

We dogs all know to travel lightheartedly as we move through life. We carry only things that are treasured such as a smelly dirty tennis ball or a stick found on the path.

As our two-legged people gather up items and stuff them into bags, we are just happy to jump in the back seat and let them drive. We know they do not really need all that stuff in the bag, but they seem to find solace in taking as much “stuff” as they can fit into that box. They always seem to forget something small that seems so BIG …like a toothbrush or socks. I of course would never forget socks… I might pack the dirty ones but I would definitely have packed the socks!

Next time you pack for a road trip remember to travel lightheartedly and your fare will be priceless! Also remember to bring a four-legged companion to help you smile along the way… we always are a-MUSE-ing travel partners.

Love ya

The Journey: paws on the path



path_sadieDon’t expect everyone to understand your journey, especially if they’ve never had to walk your path. By sea, land and air make your path a journey to remember.

I make sure that my two legged people remember to take time out of their busy schedule of typing at the computer to PAWS (pause in tow-legged talk) and have fun. I bring them the special blue ball so that they can get their exercise to toss the ball and chase me while I play keep away.

It is my path to make my people happy, less stressed and thinking like the care-free pup I know that is within them.

We all must do our part to help the people remember they too have a tail to wag even if it is invisible. We can see it, come on let’s make this path the best playground ever. Go take a walk on your path today!

Love ya

Learning to Fly: a new years Pawsabilities

It is the first day of the new year and like many of my two legged friends I too have a new years resolution to make this year the best paws-able one.

I will be giving up some old habits like eating poop when I make a mistake in the house. This habit does not bother me but my two-legged pals seem to be very upset about it so I will give it up and just remember to ask to go outside more often rather than forgetting to let them know.

I will eat more of my kibbles and healthy food rather than begging for too many treats. An occasional treat of course is acceptable just not to be substituted for a meal.

I will help my two-legged people put the toys away every night rather than grabbing them out as fast as they are put away. This will be a hard one for me because my toys actually taunt me … begging me to pull them out of the toy box. I am surprised that my people can not see this but toys are very tricky and act nonchalant when ever the two-leggers are looking.

Here’s hoping that all your new years resolutions come true so you too can learn to fly!

Love Sadie 2016!!!!

2015 Resolution: Life is like a snowglobe


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As we get ready to chime in a new year we count our blessings and try to remember that LIFE is indeed like a snow globe that is at it’s prettiest after it has been turned upside down. So if you have any upsets in your life and your world gets turned upside down… SMILE and remember it is only a new perspective and things will look better soon.

Love Sadie

Holiday wags


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I, Sadie Miki, made the holiday abc7la Eyewitness News Holiday photo section! I am posting it here incase you missed it!

And this was the original Instagram Holiday image.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and hope you Believe in the magic of the season! And that you are the STAR of your two-leggers life!

I LOVE COOKIES, Santa here I come


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As a K-9, I must admit that “I LOVE COOKIES”!!! And I hear tell that the man in the red suit only eats cookies.

OMG how the heck can I get to the North Pole to become his assistant. I have the background and knowledge of cookies. My two-legger and I have baked many a cookie and I have eaten them ALL which makes me a subject-matter expert (SME)!!!

If you have any ideas, or holiday cookie recipes I would love to hear them.

Love Sadie

Easy Bone Recipe: tale wagging fun


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What a treat, today my two legged went into the kitchen and started to bake just for me!

I was the sous chef and made sure that my line cook (two-legged) was doing everything to my liking.

FIRST we started with the ingredients:
2 – eggs
2 baby jars of BeechNut Apple & Pumpkin or you can use 1/2 cup of Nummy Tum-Tum Organic Pumpkin Puree
2 Tablespoons of milk
2 1/2 cups of wheat flour
(now you can substitute this if you have gluten issues with cocunut flour or almond meal or buckwheat or corn flour or meal)

Water on hand if you need to make your mixture playable yet stiff.

Then we need to MIX IT up a bit

mixitupWe started with a spoon but then my two-legger resorted to hand mixing. I offered my paws but mom said no because I just got groomed. Darn that groomer for making me too beautiful for my own good.

ROLL IT OUT and cut it up
sadiecutterWe just bought this really cute cookie cutter with my name on it from a shop on Etsy called Name That Cookie

My two-legged was so excited to try it out. I just love it when my two-legged gets excited, it makes me wag my tail (especially when it means making me cookies!)

If you don’t have a cookie cutter with your name on it you can make other shapes or smaller plain bones too.
Oh the wait is exhausting. BAKE in a pre-heated oven
350°F Fahrenheit (or 177°C Celsius) 20 minutes, then flip for another 20 minutes. Not all ovens are calibrated to the same so look in on your bones to make sure they do not burn.


Then let them cool.
And my favorite part… TEST them!
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Do Dreams Really Come True: Dog-gone right they do!


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There may be no magic genie in a bottle but a dog can tell you that Walt Disney knew all too well that… “dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them”.

Just watch a dog on a mission… they will keep going do matter what, they have the courage to find their dreams.

Watch some of these great examples:


So next time you “wish” you had a magic lamp or a magic fairy friend to sprinkle dust on you… look in the mirror and find that inner courage to pursue what you want… it just might come true.

Thanksgiving: we all woof it down sometimes


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This upcoming week the United States will give “thanks” by eating approximately 46 million turkeys! I will be giving thanks that four-legged fur friends are not on the menu!

Some safety tips for your fur-friend this Turkey Holiday.


Some bones can fragment and cut your pet’s insides. Save your bones this thanksgiving for a broth and not your dog!

Onions and the onion powders we use in stuffing should not be given to your four-legged friend. They destroy red blood cells and can lead to a bad case of anemia. You stuff yourself with the stuffing and give your fur-friend a pet safe alternative.

3. WALK it OFF
It is important to keep to your pet’s regular meal and exercise schedule. Too much change in your pet’s diet and routine can cause awful tummy aches, diarrhea and vomiting. So even if your furry pal begs to indulge just say no and go for a walk!

It is a festive time of year and as we cook up a storm in the kitchen the trash bin grows and become very tempting prize. Your pet might think they hit the garbage jackpot but this casino can is a deadly health risk. Tie it up and take it out!

Most of us know we will be breaking the bank on fatty foods on Thanksgiving but don’t let your furry-friend indulge just for this one day because these foods can give your pet pancreatitis or gastroenteritis which is not only painful but could be deadly!

So maybe on your shopping list this holiday you purchase a little pet friendly special treat so your fur-pal has their own holiday treat!

Some suggestions on our list are:
HALO Liv-a-Littles: Grain-Free 100% Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats. You can sprinkle it on their food, give it as a treat or put it in the water to rehydrate it as a juicy treat!

Beef Flank Steak Treats: Simply dehydrated USDA Certified beef flank steak sliced by hand and ranges in texture from semi-crispy (like a thick potato chip) to thick and chewy (like beef jerky) Sadie absolutely loves these treats!


DOGISMS: my dog is smarter than most people

Why don’t people learn from our pets, just listen to Sadie!

1. “If it is something you really want… chase it!”

2. “Life is short… play often!”

3. “If no one is paying attention… BARK!”

4. “If you aren’t getting what you want… go fetch!”

5. “Keep digging until you find what you are looking for!”

If you have any favorite dogisms … just LEAVE IT!


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