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Yappy New Year!

Yappy New Years

Yappy New Years

Of course this is the time when humans make silly promises to themselves but we dogs know better than to do such nonsensical things.

Who indeed would think of deciding to go on a diet and lose out on such wonderful things as Purina Beggin’ Strips or Thinkers Natural Duck Smart Dog Snacks! It is just a plain stupid human trick this New Years Resolution thing.

But I decided to play along, what we have to do for our humans to make them happy.

So here is my top new years resolutions:
1. Give more kisses in the morning wake up. It always amazes me how fast humans wake up when getting slobbered in the face. 🙂
2. Finish everything in my bowl. This one will be a snap since we have that yummy Hills Prescription Diet food that I really love. Plus I have trained my humans to give me dessert after I finish everything in my bowl! They are such suckers.
3. Go for more walks. I will need to work on the human factor for this one. But I can always fake them out by pretending to need to go potty, that works every time.
4. Keep track of all my babies/toys. I have lost a few of them along the way and it is so odd to me that I usually find them in the trash. Sometimes humans just do not see the pure beauty in a dirty raggedy best friend baby.
5. Catch up on my beauty sleep. A dog’s life is all about the beauty sleep.

And on that note I will start my new years off with the right tail wag.
Yappy New Year peeps!