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Woof I am betting with my human counterparts and boy are they going to lose big!

Now grant you our household really only watches sporting events for the commercials. One of my people are from the advertising world and the other is from the acting world so of course we normally watch the SAG awards and big events that advertisers will spend tons of money on. So this year I decided to bet with them.

They both are picking the Steelers. The Ad person wants them to win with a spread of 3-11 (notice this is not a money bet just a fun bet.) And the Actor in the family wants the Steelers with a 5-12 spread and the actor thinks the score will be between 36-27.

Ha Ha Ha, woof these people counterparts have it all wrong. My Green Bay Packers are going to win. I picked them because they are Packers like we four-legged people and we always win. My spread is 24-21. 🙂 I know how to play this game!

So the bet is if the two-leggers win I have to be a good girl for the rest of the year. And if I win I get to go to my favorite pet store and buy a new baby as well as any treats I want. Tee-hee, last time my people let me pick something out it was a $200 bed! I have great taste. The loser takes us all out for dinner. So I win no matter what. I will blog some photos of us watching the game later.

Happy Superbowl 2011! Woof Green Bay Packers!!!!

Go Packers!

Go Packers! Woof