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I am proud to say I am no longer a “SHY” dog. The Hollywood Zoom Room has taught me to be completely confident. I even got a certificate! I no longer bark at dogs 12 times my size. I have fun in the park with other 4 and 2 leggers and am just loving life.

Zooming through the Tunnel at the Zoom Room Hollywood CA

Zoom Room Hollywood Agility Tunnel

Now it is my challenge to learn “agility” at the Zoom Room. My class size varies from 3 to 4 of us. Everyone is larger than me again but I am having a blast running through tunnels…jumping through the brightly colored tires… (I have not found these beautiful tires anywhere but the Zoom Room but I am keeping my eyes peeled for them. I am just happy that we often book a private half hour to jump through them all by myself. Oh my people come with me too but they have not figured out how to jump through the tire yet. Guess I am smarter than they are. I do get a lot of attention when I jump through. People cheer and clap, I even get a treat for doing this fun activity.

Zooming through the bright Agility Tire at the Zoom Room

Zoom Room Hollywood Agility Tire

Well, I am a bit pooped out from all the activity today. I will continue to report of my accomplishments and other fun things. Next week I am planning on sharing my four paws Restaurant guide for humans and their pets.

Who ever said that “it’s a dog’s life” had no idea… now that I am almost nine months old and have such a wealth of knowledge about what it is like to be in a dog’s life … I wouldn’t trade my four paws in for a humans 2 feet ever. Woof!