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Friday I got my locks cut and must say thank goodness for the people at Sparky’s who saved me from having an unfashionable “puppy cut”. It seems that most two legged parents ask for a puppy cut thinking it means a haircut that makes their four legged pal look like a puppy again. NO said the wonderful people at Sparkys… you need to decide just as you would when getting your own hair cut what length you would like and if there is a particular special look you would like to emulate a celebrity dog like Boo you need to ASK for that hairdo. I did not want to emulate anyone since I believe I have my own style as you can see here.

I do however have a new nickname, my people have taken to calling me “Gremlin” and laughing about “don’t ever get them wet”. I find no humor in their laughter. It seems that I was very cute and very cooperative during my haircut until the groomer got me wet.
When my person came to gather me up from my makeover they told her about how my personality changed into some sort of monster when they got me wet. I m hoping to prove them wrong on my next appointment.

I have done a little research for you and have included some images of cuts your two leggers can ask for for your favorite four legger pals:

This is a “Teddy Bear Cut”:

The “Lion Cut”:

the “Donald Trump Cut”:

The “Gilligan’s Island Mary Ann Cut”:

The “Justin Bieber Cut”

The “Beatles Cut”

The Einstein Cut:
Einstein Haircute

Einstein Hair Cut

I say find your own personality and have fun! Until next time go play ball with your friends at the park.