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I have a bone to pick when it comes to size. I see all the other dogs with their two-leggers doing some astonishing things…
carrying large sticks they find on their walks, jumping in the air catching round flying objects, hanging out car windows with their ears flying and jowls flapping in the wind… it just gets my muzzle twitching green with envy. I am a big girl, in a few months I will be one year old and it finally dawned on me that I might never grow any larger than my current stature. I only weigh in at 4.5lbs and all the other four-leggers in my tricks classes are taller than me…even the puppies!

Speaking of my tricks class…woof… I learned a very useful trick…
the ringing of a bell.

Service Please!

Service Please!


It seems as if this little bell is a service bell that when you ring it, people bring you lots and lots of treats.  What a joy, now I must find a way to take this bell home with us. If I was a larger dog I would just put it in my mouth and carry it out with us to the car.  But no, I am small and must hope that my people decide to give me one of these pretty bells for my birthday. It is so frustrating to be so small.

As I close my little blog today I think of all the privileges I get as a petite pup. I often get to ride in a  dog sling purse…you can get your own at sassypup. This purse sometimes gets me into places that the larger dogs can not go. Hmmm it’s not bad being small. Today’s thought… “Be happy for who you are, it makes you unique.”