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This week I turned the
It was such an auspicious day in the history of my two leggers life that they threw me a party at the zoomroom in Hollywood. I just love it there and suggest that if your people ever want to throw a party for you this would be a fabulous place to book. They have disco doggie lights, agility training equipment that is all set up for fun and games. They even played my favorite tunes for the gala event.


We had fortune cookies with my pearls of wisdom. The Seven “Sadie Says” fortunes that you can read here.
Here is what they say in case you can’t read them:

SADIE SAYS: When Life gets too Busy. Take a Nap.
SADIE SAYS: Play Nice with Others. They will Play Nice with You.
SADIE SAYS: Remember to NOT Chase your Tail. You will get Nowhere
SADIE SAYS: Wag your Tail Often. It Takes the Bite out of Boredom.
SADIE SAYS: If Pack Leader Picks a Bone with You. Rollover. Play Dead.
SADIE SAYS: When you Find Happiness. Always Remember to Sit and Stay.
SADIE SAYS: If your Ball Lands in Poop. Just Leave It.

My two legged people made certain that all the goodies at the party were “Sadie Savvy” from the wine selection to the napkins and sodas.
You can get your own personalized labels done at www.personalwine.com…my people designed them with yours truly as the star model.

Because I learned how to go over the A frame and Dog Walk with cheese as my treat of choice we served 6 wonderful cheeses from the cheese store of silverlake ca. They have a website if you want to sample some of my favorites. store.cheesestoresl.com

Of course we had to have pupcakes from Srinkles Cupcakes. (All my four legged guests just loved them)

I have put together a few more images of the evening for you to enjoy.Image

I am still exhausted from opening all the wonderful presents that I received.  As I reflect back on my first year of life it is obvious to me that it is important to train your human. My suggestion to all four leggers out there is to regularly give your two leggers lots of attention, they worry too much and need lessons from us on how to play.