Thank goodness October is over. I can not believe what my people made me do during this month. As you know I am a very well groomed little princess girl but during the month of October I was forced to wear an odd hat and candy corn T-shirt that made my people laugh, I was NOT amused!

I never want to see another candy corn in my life! My wonderful lead and collar that I love was traded in for a candy corn lead lead and collar. They attached a charm to my lead which you guessed it was a candy corn.


You will notice that my normally coiffed hair is very messy, this is because the hat had to fit over my ears, I actually thought it looked best when I put it on my nose and made my people chase me about the house! Below you will see I put on my most scarey face that day as they dressed me up for their own amusement.


To top it all off they took me to the zoomroom which I absolutely love and it was haunted that day! All the dogs looked VERY different. It seems as if all the dog families had been possessed that day. It was spooky. Dogs came in with capes, twerking tongue outfits, and lobster heads it was completely ghoulish. The lights were blinking, music playing and we had to leave early because I was just too freaked out to participate in the hotdog or tennis ball bobbing that the other dogs were playing. At least I did get a new squeaky toy out of it… and you guess it… a candy corn!

Hopefully this Turkey holiday that all the two leggers I know are talking about is a little more dignified.