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OMG I woke up on Monday feeling horrible. I had an upset tummy. My people were very worried as I would not eat or drink.

The drool was like a never ending faucet that matted my hair and caused my parents to constantly use tissues to wipe my muzzle. I will not show you me in my worst moments of agony since I was not a picture perfect pup but will share how my people nursed me back to health in case you ever need some advice.

First let me explain why everyone was so worried. I am a petite pup weighing in only at 5 pounds at most. When I stop eating and drinking I could easily become emaciated and I am not trying out for bulimia model of the year!

Day one I refused water and food, I slowly paced the room hugging the walls.  A dog that hugs the walls is ill. My people pampered me and tried without luck to entice me to drink water. Discussions about going to the vet were rampant.

Day two my people were awake very early. One stayed with me and the other went shopping at 4:30 in the morning! I was still refusing water and food but my two-leggers were on a mission. Lots of ingredients came home and meals started to be prepared all for me!

Day three my people continued to cook me food slowly adding in my kibble.

Tips “How to get a sick dog to drink water” hydrate hydrate hydrate

1. A touch of milk in the water bowl.
This is a trick to make the dog see that the bowl they drink from has something different in it. Many times this tricks the dog into drinking. Not me, I was not interested.

2. A touch of honey in the water bowl. This helps a sick dog with digestion problems. I was interested but only took a few small licks.

3. Chicken broth. This did the trick for me. My people cooked some white rice, broiled a chicken breast (shredded into small pieces), pumpkin puree (known to settle stomachs) and added in unsalted chicken broth.

My people knew I needed to gradually eat and gave me the opportunity to eat and drink this wonderful concoction in small amounts every hour. It still was a touch and go situation and I slept a lot only moving a little to eat and drink. By the fourth day of intensive dog care treatment I was back to my happy tail wagging self.

MORE TIPS in case you ever need them:

Good Foods that Dogs CAN have
1. Peanut Butter A wonderful source of protein, contains healthy fats, vitamin B, E and Niacin.
2. Cooked Chicken A great meal replacement or a treat added to regular food.
3. Cheese. In small amounts (I like Gouda and Fresh Mozzarella) Cottage cheese is a great low fat option.
4. Carrots (small pieces) These help with teeth and are a great source of beta carotene.
5. Yogurt The ones with active bacteria can be a good source for a dog’s digestive system.
6. Pumpkin Perfect for upset tummies and has Vitamin A/beta-carotene.
7. Salmon Omega 3 fatty acids that keep a dog’s coat shinny and healthy.
8. Eggs A healthy snack as it is easily digested and has protein.
9. Oatmeal A good source of fiber and can help if you are having poop problems.
10. Green Beans Low in calories yet filling these are a good source for Vitamin C, K and manganese. These are yummy when frozen!
11. Hamburger Cooked as a treat only.

Stay healthy!
sick puppy