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I am thinking about what wonderful things you might be bringing me this season, perhaps a new squeaky, a wonderful swirly bone that I can brush my teeth with or maybe a new blanket to cuddle with. But wait I live with some wonderful people who give me everything I could ever want so maybe I can ask you to visit some less fortunate two leggers and four leggers around the world.

My people adopted a few letters from the postal service last year to help out some families that were in need. Perhaps dear Santa you might want to adopt a letter from the post office. This is great for those two leggers who need Santa to come to the rescue.
And a wonderful place to help the two-leggers who need a four-legger to help them is the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind or you might want to help those who have served our country and have PTSD at Patriot PAWS. And let’s remember it is better to give than receive.

We all need to believe in Santa during this time of year. I believe… do you?