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Another year approaches and we all are ready to celebrate. The two-leggers with their  bubbly drinks and me with my new ZiwiPeak bone. It will be a time for sharing, a time for remembering all the fun we had in 2013 running, jumping and laughing. I have my new years resolutions all ready to bark out:

1. I will wag my tail more often.

2. I will teach my people new tricks (as they have perfected the “more treats” trick last year)

3. I will visit with more four-leggers at the park. My plan is to become a park socialite.

4. I will give to the less fortunate paws in the world.

5. I will continue my education at the Zoomroom!

May your new year be filled with new experiences to wag your tail at, new faces to lick and new tricks to be learned.