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Every pixel of my personality is captured on a device, I am a pixelated pup for sure.

I color my days with my two-legged side-kicks and here is the color spectrum we live by in my coloring book of pup-philosophy.

This color is associated with inspiration, creativity and bravery.

I inspire my people to laugh often as I find creative uses for the toilet paper roll. I guard the house and often bravely creep down the hallway to scare away intruding shadows.

This color is associated with trust, faith and serenity. 
I am very trustworthy except when it comes to a piece of cheese left on a plate, this is a temptation that test my faith in the boundaries of human consumption. I beg my people for the serenity of forgiveness.

This color is associated with health, harmony and nature.
I am my people’s nature connection; we often walk in harmony for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

This color is associated with energy, hope and happiness.
It is my pleasure to wag my tail with such energy that it causes papers to fly off tables reminding my people that happiness is not all about work. I bring happiness to their lives with my little yellow ball filled with the hope that inspires them to throw it again, and again, and again!

This color is associated with excitement, adventure and cheer.
Every day is a new adventure. When the alarm sounds in the morning my excitement can not be contained as I spread cheer with puppy kisses for all.

This color is associated with passion, love and strength.
I may be small but I have the strength of passion, the wisdom of love.

I leave you with a thought:
Life is like a coloring book, you get an outline and the crayons to color with. It’s up to you to make it beautiful!
Love and tail wags Sadie!