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I have never felt anything quite like this and was the first to jump up from my puppy bed as the big booms and major shaking happened. The two leggers called for me to protect them from this crazy giant like thunder that moved the floor. They used the words we learned at the ZoomRoom… “touch” …and I came running… not because I was scared but to help calm them from the disturbance. 

I have decided to put together a Sadie Disaster Advice Entry into my blog today. Here are some things to remember in times of disaster.

 1. Tag you’re it! 
Identification is a MUST. We four-leggers often become frightened during natural disasters such as an earthquake so it is VERY important to have a collar and ID, a tattoo or micro ID chip so you can find your way home if you get lost.




 2. Keep Calm and Carry On.  
Keeping leashes and harnesses that are easily found is important, we keep our leashes on a fun rack. I have a sturdy earthquake pet house that I can crawl into if I need to stay away from falling items so I highly recommend keeping a sturdy pet carrier around.




 3. Eat, Drink, and Be Safe.
Bottled water and plenty of food on hand is a must. You never know when you might need these items in your home and car. It is also a good idea to have a few extra chew sticks around to easy the shaken nerves and keep your mind on other things. 

4. Medications.
Now I do not have any meds to take but if I did it would be important that my two-leggers had an extra stash in case of an emergency.

5. Keep Warm.
Having an extra blanket is always important especially if the electricity goes out and you need a little heat.

6. Hide and Seek
Always know your four-legger’s hiding places and have a “safe” word to coax them out. We learned the word “touch” at the ZoomRoom and I always come to that word because I know I will get a good treat. 

7. First Aid Kit.
Booboos happen and it is always good to be prepared just in case.


 8. Light it up.
Now this time we did not lose any electricity but we have a backup just incase and so should you. Camping lights do a wonderful job. And remember to keep extra batteries on hand!


 Just remember that we four ledgers don’t understand what an earthquake is so it is really important to speak calmly to us and keep us involved. I was very happy to help do a walk through the house to make certain everything was OK. It calmed my nerves to have a purpose. Stay safe!