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Oh the horror of it! Something happened this month that made my skin crawl. ANTS ANTS ANTS crawling all over my food. It made my people say nasty words that I have never heard before.

We tried everything to fix the problem. The little invaders that look like aliens were hard to combat; I had fun watching the two-leggers march around with spray bottles of equal parts of Windex and Ivory Soap, laying lines of Borax Soap on the patio, placing yeast and sugar traps beyond my reach but in the reach of the ants. The two-leggers were on a mission to rid us of these invaders from another world. The house was washed down with vinegar and lemon soap. All my food and treats were tossed. It caused me quite a scare.

Thank goodness a solution was found for my precious food and treats. The people ordered some special canisters for me to put my kibble, snacks and dog treats in.



They got these cool canisters from a company called simplehuman. I really like to watch the lids open.

The company also has dog food canisters but for a petite pup like me these kitchen tool canisters worked perfectly. Here’s hoping that your days are all ant-free and fun!