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sadieLovesCantaloupeOn a campaign for my two legged friends to eat better I have seen some interesting foods come into the house. This morning I discovered a food group that I hope becomes a staple in this house hold.

It is called the Cantaloupe!

Oh the sweetness, oh the texture, oh my goodness.

Did you know that melons make a tasty and nutritious treat for us four-leggers. There is lots of vitamins C and B-6, plus fiber, folate (a water-soluble B vitamin), niacin (vitamin B3) and potassium.

My people looked it up on the internet and the cantaloupe is good for my eyes because it has a lot of beta-carotene. Studies have shown that beta-carotene can help prevent or reduce the growth of cataracts. But all I know it this new yummy food is a vision of dancing pleasure.

Cantaloupe is also good for us four-leggers because it is a non-allergenic, so most dogs can stomach it with no adverse reaction.

Now I love my cantaloupe naked but the two leggers like to beat it up.

If you like soup you might like the recipe they found on the Food Network by Alex Guarnaschelli, Cantaloupe Soup.



Cantaloupe Smoothie

or this Cantaloupe-Veggie Smoothie

But take it from me the best cantaloupe is naked!