Remember the golden rule: your human NEEDS you. They try to act like they are in control but we know the reality, without us humans could barely survive.

Teach them to play
People forget to play, they sit at their computers typing away, or idly swishing and swiping at their iPad or iPhone. Sometimes they even get mad at something they read in on those devices. I have a remedy for this bad behavior  called playtime. All you have to do is bring them a ball or a favored stuffed animal like my green froggie or talking Eeyore.

It is amazing how quickly they smile and join in on the fun. A really good game is throw the ball, they never tire of that game.

Taste their Food
It is very important that you confirm that your people are safe and eating healthy. So an occasional small bite is a necessary task you must complete ever so often. I always take on the task of sampling any cheese that might have gone bad or cantaloupe that might not be sweet enough.

Walk them Often
It is dreadfully important to keep your person exercising and a good walk is the best form of exercise  next to a little weight lifting. To get your two-legged into weight lifting all you need to do is look up at them with sorrowful eyes and reach your paws up to them. If you are too big for your human to pick up you can always utilize a good tug of war for band resistance training.

Guard them as they Sleep
People often forget about all those ghoulies and ghosties that lurk about at night in the shadows. It is important to keep the house safe while they sleep so always keep one eye open and your ear to the ground so that you can chase them away and they do not steal your person.

Kiss them Often
It is more than just slobber, its a daily dose of Oxytocin that reduces blood pressures and increases the bond between you and your two-legger.

No matter your size, your weight or your color: we dogs are the wag in our people’s day and the smile in their hearts. Take care of your two-legged today and remember they need us.

Here’s wagging at you, Sadie.