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Another year has come and past and I am happy to report I am still top dog of my household. I have requested my two-leggers let me help them bake. We looked online and I picked out this Red Velvet Wheat-free Cake mix that comes with a bone shaped tin! 


I also wanted a candle to blow out. I will not be doing the blowing, as I do not wish to singe my lovely locks but I wanted my candle to be special so we bought these:


None of the doggie candles look like me but I think they are fun.

The day is going to be a Sadie Celebration, my people are not certain of my actual birthday so they picked this one special for me. I of course believe that every day is a Sadie Birthday because everyday is a present I can’t wait to open up. You never know what surprises you might find like a trip to the zoomroom to run, jump and play, a new collar  or finding a toy that has been hiding from you under the sofa. Life is one big present to celebrate with your two-legger by your side.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy everyday! Woof, Sadie