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There is this fly that seems to be following me. Every time I go out on the town with my two-leggers to enjoy a peaceful lunch this stupid fly is there, buzzing around my head, taunting me. Teasing me. Torchering me. DARN that FLY!

I must look like a crazy puppy snapping at the air always missing him. This is getting serious because he is traveling miles and miles just to bother me. He buzzes past my ears and my two-leggers try their best to swat him away but he just keeps dive bombing me.

It causes me great stress, last time I saw the little bugger I tried to hide in my travel sling, oh the horrors of it all!

Flies spend a lot of time buzzing around germ riddled places like dumpsters, carcasses and animal droppings. Then, loaded down with yucky germs, this darn fly makes it his job to bother me.

Did you know there are ways to repel flies? I am going to list them in case you have a pesky fly that won’t leave you alone.

The Water Bag Trick
This one has no science behind it but a lot of people have tried this and they say it has worked. Hanging a clear zip-top bag of water with one or more copper pennies in it. Sounds strange to me too but if water boarding a fly will help I am willing to do it!

Essential Oils
You can make your own or buy some non-toxic fly repellent made of essential oils. Idaho tansy , geranium , sandalwood , lavender  , rosemary , and lemon essential oils are all known to repel flies naturally.

When you are choosing essential oils to use therapeutically for yourself and your pets, you want only the purest available. Some essential oils can cause harm to us four-leggers so if you use this method please be careful.

Fly Offensive Plants
Citronella is known for its mosquito-deterring properties, but it works somewhat on flies, as well. Other plants that have fly-repelling reputations are false indigo, lavender, elderberry, basil and mint.

Spray-Off Mixture
Mix two tablespoons of normal liquid dish soap with water and shake gently to combine and spray!

Here’s wishing you a fly free zone!