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One of my two-legged people was having a birthday. What is a puppy to do? I must come up with the perfect present.

I thought and thought long and hard about what would make a perfect gift:

A bone? No, I never see the two-leggers gnawing on bones.

A ball? They do love to throw my ball, but I want them to know all the balls in the house belong to me so that would be confusing for them.

A toilet paper roll end? No they always tell me to drop it and then throw it into the trash. I would hate to get a gift that ended up in the trash bin.

Then as I sat on my other two-legger’s lap I saw it.

The perfect gift. What do my people love the most in the house? Well, it is ME of course.

And there it was, a place on Etsy.com called GourmetFelted that makes Custom Pet Portraits made by sculptor Gerry. PERFECT! I know what I needed to give my two-legged: A Mini-Me! Sadie Mini-Me!!!!

The day it arrived I could hardly wait for my people to open the box.

There it was… ME a little Mini-Me!

BUT wait…was this a good idea?
It is as cute as me.
It made my two-leggers smile just like they do when they look at me!
It is smaller than me so maybe they will like it better than me.

WHEW! Thank goodness they put it in the glass cage in the living room.
My place on their lap is safe! Yes this was indeed a great present a MINI-ME!

Thank you Gerry of Gourmet Felted for making this MINI-Sadie-ME! It was a big hit!