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What a treat, today my two legged went into the kitchen and started to bake just for me!

I was the sous chef and made sure that my line cook (two-legged) was doing everything to my liking.

FIRST we started with the ingredients:
2 – eggs
2 baby jars of BeechNut Apple & Pumpkin or you can use 1/2 cup of Nummy Tum-Tum Organic Pumpkin Puree
2 Tablespoons of milk
2 1/2 cups of wheat flour
(now you can substitute this if you have gluten issues with cocunut flour or almond meal or buckwheat or corn flour or meal)

Water on hand if you need to make your mixture playable yet stiff.

Then we need to MIX IT up a bit

mixitupWe started with a spoon but then my two-legger resorted to hand mixing. I offered my paws but mom said no because I just got groomed. Darn that groomer for making me too beautiful for my own good.

ROLL IT OUT and cut it up
sadiecutterWe just bought this really cute cookie cutter with my name on it from a shop on Etsy called Name That Cookie

My two-legged was so excited to try it out. I just love it when my two-legged gets excited, it makes me wag my tail (especially when it means making me cookies!)

If you don’t have a cookie cutter with your name on it you can make other shapes or smaller plain bones too.
Oh the wait is exhausting. BAKE in a pre-heated oven
350°F Fahrenheit (or 177°C Celsius) 20 minutes, then flip for another 20 minutes. Not all ovens are calibrated to the same so look in on your bones to make sure they do not burn.


Then let them cool.
And my favorite part… TEST them!
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