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the retro railway  train station

Make the Journey Priceless when you travel light.

We dogs all know to travel lightheartedly as we move through life. We carry only things that are treasured such as a smelly dirty tennis ball or a stick found on the path.

As our two-legged people gather up items and stuff them into bags, we are just happy to jump in the back seat and let them drive. We know they do not really need all that stuff in the bag, but they seem to find solace in taking as much “stuff” as they can fit into that box. They always seem to forget something small that seems so BIG …like a toothbrush or socks. I of course would never forget socks… I might pack the dirty ones but I would definitely have packed the socks!

Next time you pack for a road trip remember to travel lightheartedly and your fare will be priceless! Also remember to bring a four-legged companion to help you smile along the way… we always are a-MUSE-ing travel partners.

Love ya