Life is a a picture book that we keep in our memories and sometimes we capture them with devices. SNAP, CLICK, CHACHICK and then we share them …whoosh… off they go to make other people who could not be there in our moment smile as if they were actually there.

As a dog with four paws, I rarely get to play with the devices but the two-leggers think I am a wonderful subject for the camera lens. One two-legger will throw the ball as the other one points a device at me. Then they look at the device to see what they got. Often it is just a blur as I am fast like a ninja. We have made a compromise recently that once they get a good shot or two we focus on the BALL and ME ONLY!

I love to see the world in a blur because that means I am running with the wind in my hair and a two-legger chasing me! Thanks for sharing my memories with me and here’s hoping that you have the wind in your hair often!

Love Sadie!