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Minimal Possibilities

the do’s and don’ts of dog diarrhea

As they say SH*T  HAPPENS and we have had our house full of it recently.

It all started with a treat, one of those big beef sticks that you think “wow” was a cool chew, think I will brush my teeth with it. Then you get so excited you gobble it up so not one else will eat it. I know you are probably thinking to yourself “aren’t you the only dog in the house?” “who else would steel your bone” yeah well I will tell you that many a time I have been chewing on a bone that just vanishes into thin air. One minute I am chewing away, the next one of the two-leggers makes a noise or says “did you hear that”? and I turn my head and then it is gone…vanished into thin air. Well, NOT this time! I ate the whole thing before that monster could steal it.

YIKES…I have a tum-tum ache! And then DO-DO HAPPENED. It was coming out of me from both ends. Even the two-leggers were gagging too.

OK so we are on DAY 3 of my horrible ordeal and my people have been very patient with me. So if by any chance you find yourself in this predicament here are some tips to help make you feel better.

No that isn’t what you yell at your dog, that is an acronym for what will help you. The biggest concern for a fur friend with DD (Dog Diarrhea) is the BIGGER D Dehydration.
So you need to make sure your fur-ever friend is getting FRESH water and stabilizing their diet with a bland BRAT diet to ease their tum-tum.

B is for Banana
Bananas are a good source for vitamin K, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals.
I of course do not like bananas just peeled out of their skin at room temperature so my two-leggers freeze them in small pieces for me…this makes them yummier.

R is for Rice
White Rice is as bland as it gets, and it is also a source of soluble fiber. It absorbs water as it passes through the GI track, which will help harden stool and add bulk. I like my rice with a little boiled chicken for a little added protein.

A is for Applesauce
Plain unsweetened applesauce will help with hydration because it has a lot of liquid. you can make your own in a blender (4-5 apples peeled and cubed with 1 cup of water brought to a simmer on the stove then place into a blender or food processor until smooth) or you can go to the grocery store baby food aisle and buy a little jar of unsweetened applesauce.

T is for Toast
Now bread is NOT something you want to give a dog all the time but when you have a tum-tum that is upset toasted bread can ease the grumbles and help bind you.My twoleggers add in a little smear of peanut butter to help tempt me.

Y is for Yogurt
Yogurt to restore the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. My people get my yogurt semi frozen because they know I like it that way.

May you never need to remember BRATY but when you do it is a very helpful acronym to have on hand.

Love Sadie