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7054934 - old turquoise frames victorian style on the wall in the room

Woof: did you hear me…WOOF

My dog speaks in many ways. Sure there is that wagging tail / butt when I leave a room, and no matter how long I am gone 2 hours to 2 seconds I get that same greeting of “oh wow there you are I have missed you soooo much!”

But if I really think about it my dog speaks all the time.

There is that little two syllable whimper when she needs a few more kibbles. And when she wants to play there is this ewok sound she makes just before grabbing a favorite toy. She also has a huffing disgust sound she makes while you are driving and she believes you are going the wrong way or taking too long to get there.

The biggest surprise was when she decided to let out a string of sounds that could only be described as baby gibberish…we had gone to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants where dogs are welcome on the patio. We sometimes order her a plain cheese quesadilla which she loves. The waiters just love her, bringing out a special water containers every time we come. This time, as the table was ordering she looked at the waiter and started to talk her long gibberish of sounds. Everyone at the table stopped and ordering and started to laugh. “She just ordered!” And so she did because when the plates came out and one was a cheese quesadilla… she made another happy sound.

Does your dog speak to you? Listen carefully, they have a lot to say if you know how to listen.