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sadieandthefairyprinceSometimes life’s struggles and complications can really get our two-legged people down and I just wanted to share the secrets we dogs know.

  1. Life is short so see the wonder in everything from a smelly old shoe to a frog in the woods…he may be a prince or the next president of the United States…you never know.
  2. Forget about it, so you didn’t get that raise or the someone accidentally stepped on your tail, in the scheme of things it isn’t worth being mad about it. Be glad…you are wealthy because of all the little things in life, now that’s something to wag your tail about.
  3. Enjoy the ride, don’t keep looking down at the bills, the dirty dishes…stick your head out the window let your tongue and ears flap in the wind…enjoy the little things because they are the important ones.

We dogs snuggle up in the corner of our two-legged people’s heart fur-ever and ever because we dare to believe beyond our reality…we believe it with all our heart.

Love Sadie