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sadie17springAs Easter and Passover come together in the calendar this year I wish the world “hope” for a better tomorrow. The world news has recently been ugly and seem to be hatred voracious feeders. With this spring we have hope that the world will turn towards a better tomorrow and change into the beautiful place that it can be.

We have been going through some changes in our house as well because my human has a very bad allergy. You can read about it here: https://salicylateallergy.wordpress.com/.

This change has been hard for me as some of my favorite foods have been banned from the kitchen. But this is just a change that has also brought some beauty into my life too. Now we are experimenting in the kitchen with a lot more meat and fish recipes which I think is a beautiful thing since I am the official house taster.  I will be having some new pet friendly recipe to share soon.

Wishing you all change, beauty, love and peace.