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Sadieicanexplainsanta17.jpgAnother year is wrapping up and we are wrapping up all the presents under the tree. Twice this year there has been a lapse in Sadie’s memory about wrapped presents under the tree. In the middle of the night someone, some elf or someone named Sadie has been unwrapping gifts that smell like bones. She claims it is not her but there have been some tell “tail” signs about the house. Bits of soggy paper near her bed, a loss of appetite in the mornings after the treats have been taken by the unknown elf.

If anyone else has this problem with bad elves that eat presents in the middle of the night please let Sadie know as she is trying to convince us that we need to ask Santa to replace the stolen presents under her tree.

Sadie also would like you to know she does have extra holiday cards and would love to send one to you if you send her your address.

Happy Holidays to all and beware of the bad elf.
Love Sadie