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sadiemikiAS 2.jpgThis year mom is putting out wine for Santa. It is a special wine label with my photo on it. Mom found this company that does these dog wine labels and helps by donating to local animal rescues. I am hoping that Santa shares his cookies with me if I share my wine label with him.

If you want your photo on a wine label you can go to their site: Mutt Lynch Winery and they will make one for you.

They also have some really fun products: A dog lovers gift box that has a bottle of wine perfectly paired with a plush dog bone. I am hinting to my people that they might want to buy that someday. My mom doesn’t drink wine because it has salicylates, but she does buy wine as gifts so I am still hopeful that I might get a plush dog bone some day.

Just a few more night nights til Santa!
I’m a good girl, I’m a good girl, I am a good girl….. DO YOU HEAR THAT SANTA????