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SadiespecialchewydeliveryWhen a company sends a box of goodies just because you have to pay attention. Sadie just loves to get boxes in the mail and I think she can read because when a box comes with the chewy.com logo she gets extra excited.

The mailman had delivered a chewy’s box h=just a few weeks ago and we were not expecting another box. The doorbell rang and off Sadie went to greet whoever might be there. It was the mailman holding a Chewy.com box. Excitement filled the doorway, tails wagged so hard a breezeway was created.

How do you tell a dog that this might be a mistake LOL. As we called customer service to say we think there may be a problem and some other puppy’s box was sent to us by mistake I can see the glares coming my way. “what are you doing on the phone when there is a package for me right here in front of your nose?”
Sadiespecialchewydelivery2The facts came out … Chewy’s Customer Service announced the box was a gift from them to Sadie! What can you say about kind gestures … they make someone’s day. They brighten up the world. They make everything a little bit happier. I know that it made Sadie’s day fur-sure. Thank you Chewy.com you are the best!
Sadie the Miki