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I was invited to a puppy prom! WOW, my tail wagged so hard as I opened a box with a wrist corsage given to me by my BF @littletuckerpup Then I received another package from my good pal Lucy @goldengoose_retriever who knew I had nothing to wear … she sent me this wonderful fairytail cotton candy dress. Where did all this waggable stuff come from you ask… the wonderful people at The Birthday Puppy. @thebirthdaypuppy

This puppy Prom is all for a good cause, 
to raise money for those less fortunate pups.

Always remember this: Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

This is true of everything, one small gesture in life can make such a difference. Be kind to each other and help as many as you can be they two legged four legged or even 100 legs… even a centipede might need help.

@thepawtycrew and @roadogs put on this extravaganza for ALL dogs of ANY breed …senior dogs, abandoned dogs, dogs with physical challenges, and even puppies that needs someone to love them.

So put on your dancing paws! Love @sadiemiki