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Unconditional Love : a puppy’s POV


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sadiewindowheart_18.jpgLOVE comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms. But mom says I have something called “Unconditional Love” and that is the best kind of love you can have.

I looked it up and the definition is:
Unconditional love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves.

Yes, this totally rings true for me. I Love my people unconditionally. When they leave for just a second… disappearing into another room I am SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM… I wag my tail with such an enthusiasm that my whole body shakes with joy.

I follow them everywhere to make sure they are safe from any predators. Every time they go into the little room called a bathroom I am there to protect them from monsters that may lurk behind the shower curtain or in the mysterious hole called a toilet. (Who knows what is down there!)

My day totally revolves around them and any adventure we might go on.

So remember the next time you see a four-legged creature wagging their tail or purring a song for you that they are giving you the best gift of all called “unconditional love”. We just call it a way of living.

Wag Wag Wag

Valentine’s Day: Dog Box of Goodies for a Good Dog


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Wow, How surprised was I to get a box of love in the mail. I knew my people loved me because they adopted me… choosing me over other family members but this proves to me that I am really the most loved pup in the house. (I know you might say … I am the only pup in the house but I know there have been other dogs here because I see photos of them hanging on the walls. My people often tell me the other dogs names but I can not see them because they live somewhere over a rainbow bridge that I can’t see.)

Anyhow, my box had so many wonderful smells. Freshly baked cookies in a tin, a pink unicorn who is soft and cuddly for me to snuggle with at night, and there was a cigar box of treats that I just loved and this fun bandana that said LOVE on it. And this bone that is part fur and part cute red heart glasses. I am in LOVE with theBirthdayPuppy.com people because they really know how to pack a lot of love into a box.

Thank you to my people for being my valentine.

Store Returns: Santa Dog Humor


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sadiereturnsdec26th17_v4.jpgThank you, Santa for all my wonderful gifts under the tree this year. I loved the hedgehog that giggles and the lovely free dried treats of Venison and Liver. But unfortunately, there was this one gift that was missing its squeaker. Santa, I think you might be having a mild case of Alzheimer’s because you spelled the word Chew wrong on this box with the lovely red shoes inside. That’s OK Santa, I often forget things too. Sometimes I forget to tell anyone I need to go outside and make a mistake on the carpet. But the real problem with this “chew” toy is it was missing its squeaker. So if you do not mind exchanging this one out for one that works I would really appreciate it.

Merry Christmas to all.

Love Sadie

Santa Wine and Cookies


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sadiemikiAS 2.jpgThis year mom is putting out wine for Santa. It is a special wine label with my photo on it. Mom found this company that does these dog wine labels and helps by donating to local animal rescues. I am hoping that Santa shares his cookies with me if I share my wine label with him.

If you want your photo on a wine label you can go to their site: Mutt Lynch Winery and they will make one for you.

They also have some really fun products: A dog lovers gift box that has a bottle of wine perfectly paired with a plush dog bone. I am hinting to my people that they might want to buy that someday. My mom doesn’t drink wine because it has salicylates, but she does buy wine as gifts so I am still hopeful that I might get a plush dog bone some day.

Just a few more night nights til Santa!
I’m a good girl, I’m a good girl, I am a good girl….. DO YOU HEAR THAT SANTA????

Be Good: Be Thankful


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Sadieicanexplainsanta17.jpgAnother year is wrapping up and we are wrapping up all the presents under the tree. Twice this year there has been a lapse in Sadie’s memory about wrapped presents under the tree. In the middle of the night someone, some elf or someone named Sadie has been unwrapping gifts that smell like bones. She claims it is not her but there have been some tell “tail” signs about the house. Bits of soggy paper near her bed, a loss of appetite in the mornings after the treats have been taken by the unknown elf.

If anyone else has this problem with bad elves that eat presents in the middle of the night please let Sadie know as she is trying to convince us that we need to ask Santa to replace the stolen presents under her tree.

Sadie also would like you to know she does have extra holiday cards and would love to send one to you if you send her your address.

Happy Holidays to all and beware of the bad elf.
Love Sadie


Hair Product review: in between the groomers


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sadiesparkie_17My mom takes me to the groomers every 6 to 8 weeks so I can be as beautiful as possible but sometimes I get dirty and need to get a bath in the sink.

ARGH how I hate baths, well actually I hate water. Actually, I love the way I smell when I get stinky but the rest of the house seems to believe my stinky side leaves much to be desired.

We have tried every dog shampoo and conditioner out there and finally, my mom has found one that she is happy with. So I am going to give it a review. It is called Coat Handler and it comes in a clarifying 15to1 shampoo as well as a conditioner. We also like the Coat Handler Anti-Static Detangler Spray and a close second place goes to a company called Stazko but my mom thinks my coat does better with Coat Handler.

I, of course, like the au-natural smell that comes with rolling in poop or mud but mom says until I pay the bills I have to play by her rules… oh the humility of it all.


Upset Tummy: the dog and the bag of treats


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It was a hard candy kinda night last night when Sadie thought she hit the jackpot and quietly  decided to eat an open bag of little “greenies” breath buster bites.

Like any child left alone with their own bag of candy her eyes said one thing and later her tummy said another. So after her YES moment of glory we had to help fix the issue.
We find that the best remedy is a pumpkin chicken broth rice.
Now chicken broth can be a labor intense pressure cooker process but I will tell you the quick way to create it for your furry friend in need of a tummy fix.

1 boneless chicken breast
2-3 cups water (or more depending on your sauce pan – you want to cover the chicken breast in the water when boiling)
3 Tablespoons Organic Pumpkin Puree (not the kind used in pumpkin pies but the organic 100% pure like this one we use Nummy Tum-Tum)
2 cups rice (boiled)
a small dash of salt

Rinse the chicken breast under cold clean water.

Place the chicken breast in a saucepan large enough to hold the chicken breast. Add enough cold clean water 2-3 cup approximately to cover it. Add in a dash of salt.

Bring the water to the boil over high heat.

Reduce the heat to medium once water is boiling and cover the saucepan. Cook approximately 10 minutes over medium heat. Make sure the chicken meat is not pink and cooked properly.

Remove chicken breast from water and allow to rest. At least 5 minutes before shredding into small pieces. I use the leftover water to make my rice.

In another saucepan make your rice mixture.
2 Cups of Rice would need approximately 4 cups or water I
(rice is made at a 2:1 ratio) thus 2 cups water per one cup of rice.

Once the water and rice boils add in your 3 Tablespoons of Pumpkin Puree reduce your heat to very very low, mix well and cover the pan and allow the rice to absorb the water and pumpkin puree approximately 20 minutes depending on your grain of rice.

Once the rice is fluffy, add in your shredded chicken breast and serve in small portions once cool to the touch.

Do not worry if it takes time for your furry friend to be interested in eating again after a upset tummy, the pumpkin chicken broth rice will keep in the fridge and be easily reheated for when s/he is ready. Bone appetit.

Ghoulishly Good dog treat recipes


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My mom loves to cook for me and here are two of my favorite Halloween Treats that I want to share with you. These are great trick or treats for us four legged monsters. First a little image to scare you or make you laugh cause that is what my mom does when I try to be scary… then the recipes.HALLOWEENSURGEONGENERALwarning-2-1.jpg
Recipe 1:
3/4 cup pumpkin puree
1 small apple, peeled and remember to remove the core then chopped into small bits
1 tbsp. coconut oil (we use this one)
1 tsp. honey (raw or pure organic honey is the best)
Water 2 small silicone molds (BOO) (skeletons and ghosts) 
Add pumpkin puree, apple, coconut oil, and honey to a blender.
Add a little water at a time and blend until smooth and liquefied.

Carefully spoon mixture into molds and freeze until solid.
Bone Chillingly delicious!

Recipe 2:
1 single-serve jar of pumpkin/squash baby food (we used Organic Gerbers)
1/2 to 3/4 cup of rice flour, or other flour of your choice
water as needed
frozen green peas
Preheat oven to 350F or 180C.

Mix baby food in a medium mixing bowl
Incrementally add flour, mixing into a firm dough.

The amount of flour required may vary depending on your individual pumpkin mixture and any optional ingredients your pup has requested.

Hand roll into small balls
Place balls on a lined baking sheet
Flatten gently with your hand or spoon.

To create “pumpkin lines”:
press the flat side of a fork or knife gently in the center, or the curved side of a spoon gently on either side.

Top with a green pea “stem” and gently push into the dough to secure the pea

Bake for approximately 15 minutes.
Cool before serving or storing.
Guaranteed to carve a smile on your pup’s face.