Customer Service: Wags and Puppy Kisses


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SadiespecialchewydeliveryWhen a company sends a box of goodies just because you have to pay attention. Sadie just loves to get boxes in the mail and I think she can read because when a box comes with the logo she gets extra excited.

The mailman had delivered a chewy’s box h=just a few weeks ago and we were not expecting another box. The doorbell rang and off Sadie went to greet whoever might be there. It was the mailman holding a box. Excitement filled the doorway, tails wagged so hard a breezeway was created.

How do you tell a dog that this might be a mistake LOL. As we called customer service to say we think there may be a problem and some other puppy’s box was sent to us by mistake I can see the glares coming my way. “what are you doing on the phone when there is a package for me right here in front of your nose?”
Sadiespecialchewydelivery2The facts came out … Chewy’s Customer Service announced the box was a gift from them to Sadie! What can you say about kind gestures … they make someone’s day. They brighten up the world. They make everything a little bit happier. I know that it made Sadie’s day fur-sure. Thank you you are the best!
Sadie the Miki


Earth Day… happy birthday Mother Earth


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sadieearthday18.jpgThe earth is having another birthday and we are ALL invited. This is a wonderful day for many reasons… the Earth is non-judgemental… she likes everyone which is why she lets us all alike come to her birthday party.

The earth gives us so many beautiful gifts every day like flowers, sunshine and even the air we breathe. She is so nice that we need to give something special for her birthday. I will be joining my two-legged companions on a clean-up mission. We will help clean up some of our local shores and promise to always recycle.

What will you be doing to celebrate Mother Earth’s birthday? Remember she loves us all.


Happy Easter: a dog easter basket


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sadieeasterbasket18.jpgIt is always such a special time of year… spring has finally come making the sun shine bright and the flowers all pop their heads out of the ground… and of course, all the dogs wag their tails a bit more because their two-legged friends are more willing to go outside for a romp around the block.

This year I received two of my very own baskets.
One has this cute little mini-me Sadie inside.
It was made by Denise Thompson I really love it.
And one was a BIG surprise sent to me by my IG friend @leashihtzu who put cute little bows inside each sparkly egg. I love colorful bows in my hair! And the colorful Peeps squeak  … which is one of my favorite pastimes. I am quite musical … I can squeak my peeps to any tune on TV. 🙂 Easter is a magical time for family and friends… I hope you are having the most wonderful time with your family and friends.

Every dog needs to have their own Easter basket… did the Easter Bunny give you one?
Love Sadie

LOVE unconditional : signed your pet


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SADIESWINGSILENCE18.jpgHi… I am the voice of your pet… I want you to know that I LOVE you, you are my hero every day even when you are sad, in a hurry, leaving to go to work or vacation without me. I LOVE YOU unconditionally. So today and every day please remember this.

Remember to give a little extra love to those who do not speak your language but speak only to you unconditionally in the wag or a tail, or the purr of LOVE.
Love Sadie

Unconditional Love : a puppy’s POV


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sadiewindowheart_18.jpgLOVE comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms. But mom says I have something called “Unconditional Love” and that is the best kind of love you can have.

I looked it up and the definition is:
Unconditional love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves.

Yes, this totally rings true for me. I Love my people unconditionally. When they leave for just a second… disappearing into another room I am SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM… I wag my tail with such an enthusiasm that my whole body shakes with joy.

I follow them everywhere to make sure they are safe from any predators. Every time they go into the little room called a bathroom I am there to protect them from monsters that may lurk behind the shower curtain or in the mysterious hole called a toilet. (Who knows what is down there!)

My day totally revolves around them and any adventure we might go on.

So remember the next time you see a four-legged creature wagging their tail or purring a song for you that they are giving you the best gift of all called “unconditional love”. We just call it a way of living.

Wag Wag Wag

Valentine’s Day: Dog Box of Goodies for a Good Dog


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Wow, How surprised was I to get a box of love in the mail. I knew my people loved me because they adopted me… choosing me over other family members but this proves to me that I am really the most loved pup in the house. (I know you might say … I am the only pup in the house but I know there have been other dogs here because I see photos of them hanging on the walls. My people often tell me the other dogs names but I can not see them because they live somewhere over a rainbow bridge that I can’t see.)

Anyhow, my box had so many wonderful smells. Freshly baked cookies in a tin, a pink unicorn who is soft and cuddly for me to snuggle with at night, and there was a cigar box of treats that I just loved and this fun bandana that said LOVE on it. And this bone that is part fur and part cute red heart glasses. I am in LOVE with people because they really know how to pack a lot of love into a box.

Thank you to my people for being my valentine.

Store Returns: Santa Dog Humor


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sadiereturnsdec26th17_v4.jpgThank you, Santa for all my wonderful gifts under the tree this year. I loved the hedgehog that giggles and the lovely free dried treats of Venison and Liver. But unfortunately, there was this one gift that was missing its squeaker. Santa, I think you might be having a mild case of Alzheimer’s because you spelled the word Chew wrong on this box with the lovely red shoes inside. That’s OK Santa, I often forget things too. Sometimes I forget to tell anyone I need to go outside and make a mistake on the carpet. But the real problem with this “chew” toy is it was missing its squeaker. So if you do not mind exchanging this one out for one that works I would really appreciate it.

Merry Christmas to all.

Love Sadie

Santa Wine and Cookies


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sadiemikiAS 2.jpgThis year mom is putting out wine for Santa. It is a special wine label with my photo on it. Mom found this company that does these dog wine labels and helps by donating to local animal rescues. I am hoping that Santa shares his cookies with me if I share my wine label with him.

If you want your photo on a wine label you can go to their site: Mutt Lynch Winery and they will make one for you.

They also have some really fun products: A dog lovers gift box that has a bottle of wine perfectly paired with a plush dog bone. I am hinting to my people that they might want to buy that someday. My mom doesn’t drink wine because it has salicylates, but she does buy wine as gifts so I am still hopeful that I might get a plush dog bone some day.

Just a few more night nights til Santa!
I’m a good girl, I’m a good girl, I am a good girl….. DO YOU HEAR THAT SANTA????

Be Good: Be Thankful


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Sadieicanexplainsanta17.jpgAnother year is wrapping up and we are wrapping up all the presents under the tree. Twice this year there has been a lapse in Sadie’s memory about wrapped presents under the tree. In the middle of the night someone, some elf or someone named Sadie has been unwrapping gifts that smell like bones. She claims it is not her but there have been some tell “tail” signs about the house. Bits of soggy paper near her bed, a loss of appetite in the mornings after the treats have been taken by the unknown elf.

If anyone else has this problem with bad elves that eat presents in the middle of the night please let Sadie know as she is trying to convince us that we need to ask Santa to replace the stolen presents under her tree.

Sadie also would like you to know she does have extra holiday cards and would love to send one to you if you send her your address.

Happy Holidays to all and beware of the bad elf.
Love Sadie