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You might have noticed that I have been silent in my blogging. Well this is because of a few deterrents.

First my people have been passing back and forth the flu. It has been a mess of sneezing and loads of Kleenex which of course I love because I can help decorate for the holidays. I rip these snotty white tissues into little festive pieces of inside snow. I think this gives them the best of both worlds— living in southern California where the sun always shines and  a winter wonderland inside. It doesn’t melt and looks just wonderful. My people do not seem to be appreciative of this talent that I have as they grumble and shake their fingers at me while destroying my klenex winter wonderland.

Driving in the rain

Driving in the Rain

Next as you can see in this photo of me in my people’s second car that it has been unseasonably wet in California. I can not stand to get my paws wet which makes going out to do my business quite a challenge. As you can see here we are driving past Warner Brother’s Studio. I am hoping the rain lets up soon but it has been raining for days. ;(