It is the first day of the new year and like many of my two legged friends I too have a new years resolution to make this year the best paws-able one.

I will be giving up some old habits like eating poop when I make a mistake in the house. This habit does not bother me but my two-legged pals seem to be very upset about it so I will give it up and just remember to ask to go outside more often rather than forgetting to let them know.

I will eat more of my kibbles and healthy food rather than begging for too many treats. An occasional treat of course is acceptable just not to be substituted for a meal.

Iย will help my two-legged people put the toys away every night rather than grabbing them out as fast as they are put away. This will be a hard one for me because my toys actually taunt me … begging me to pull them out of the toy box. I am surprised that my people can not see this but toys are very tricky and act nonchalant when ever the two-leggers are looking.

Here’s hoping that all your new years resolutions come true so you too can learn to fly!

Love Sadieย 2016!!!!