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First we stopped by the vets: Dr. David Schwartz of Boulevard Pet Clinic.
He has been my vet since I was a puppy so I have known him for 11 years!
He wanted to take precaution and give me some pills just in case
I needed some extras. I was happy not to get a shot.

Boulevard Pet Clinic

My visit to the vet

No pain with Dr. Schwartz, but a lot of happiness to gain.

Then we were off to my favorite haunt Maxwell Dog:
a dog’s favorite pet store in Studio City.

Maxwell Dogs

My favorite Pet boutique and goodies store

This is definitely the place for the in crowd of K9s.
They have everything you could want from fashion to treats.
The treat cookie case is my fav as you can see below they
have a large selection. Woof what a case!

Maxwell Dog's Cookie Display

The Best doggie Cookies are at Maxwell Dogs in Studio City

After Maxwell Dogs it was off to feed the people.
We love going to Vitello’s Restaurant in Studio City.
A very pet friendly place. They serve fresh water
and are always happy to see me.

Vitello's Restaurant Studio City

Vitello's Restaurant Studio City

It was a great meal for my people and they made sure to have
some snacks on hand for me to eat too. My people used to order
the Robert Blake meal but for some reason they took that off the menu.
People are so crazy about the headlines in the news.

Fresh Water at Vitello's Restaurant

Fresh Water at Vitello's Restaurant

Sitting at Vitello's Restaurant eatting

Sitting at Vitello's Restaurant eating

Well, I am patient most of the time while waiting for a treat
at the restaurant but sometimes you just have to make your presence
really known. I love pizza but goober peanut butter treats by Bil•Jac are
gooberlicious too.

Bil•Jac treat on the table: GOOBERLICIOUS

Bil•Jac treat on the table: GOOBERLICIOUS

Then it was homeward bound. And as soon as we got home
I checked my purchases to make sure everything was there.

Ahhh yes, the love I have for Maxwell Dog’s bag of goodies.
Now that is what I call a GREAT SUNDAY.

Maxwell Dog Bag o' Love

Maxwell Dog Bag o' Love