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I am an expert at picking out wonderful babies to play with.
This is a partial  baby collection. I hide some of them from
my people, only bringing them out for special occasions.
My best baby is Night Night Baby who I hide because
sometimes my people throw him in the washing machine!
(It takes me hours to get him back into shape and smelling right.)

Lucy and her Babies

Lucy and her Babies

The Criteria for choosing a good baby is as follows:

  • A baby must have a talent.
    • Some rattle.
      (I have a green turtle who has different pitched rattles in his four legs)
    • Some squeak.
      (I have a wide variety of these from a purple heart to a blue monster)
    • Some have a language all their own.
      (I have a porcupine that makes a chattering sound,
      a fish that makes bubbles and two totem poles
      that sing Uggah Buggah Buggah HA HA HA)
    • And some Talk.
      (Ohhh Nooo Mr Bill! This one makes my people laugh so hard, they imitate him when I play with him)
  • A baby must look good in your bed.
    • Color is everything.
      (I like the bright ones, electric blue, hot pink.)
  • A baby must be enticing to your people.
    • A good game of chase only works
      when you have a baby your people want.
      (they never tire of this game)

      Color coordinate your Babies to your bed

      Color coordinate your Babies to your bed

      And on some occasions your people bribe you with a baby.
      Like the time my people went on a trip to NYC and brought me back
      a Trump baby. They thought this would make up for placing me in the
      Pet Hotel but my baby gave me a word of advice-
      I told them “YOU’RE FIRED!”
      (well I didn’t really fire them, I was just upset for a little bit)

      Lucy with Trump Bear

      Lucy and Donald Trump Bear

      So Pick your babies with care and remember to treat them with
      slobbering respect.