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It is that time of year again when all the two-leggers either hunt for brightly colored eggs and gobble up chocolate (Easter) or they eat lots of this flat unleavened bread called Matzah with four cups or wine. (Passover) Which ever holiday your two legger may celebrate I would like to remind you of springtime holiday hazards that you want to keep your four-legger safe from.

1. The Easter Lily (Plant):
Actually any Lily is toxic, especially to Cats. No one really knows why these beautiful flowering plants are so poisonous but ingesting even a tiny amount of this plant or flower can cause kidney failure and other gastrointestinal or nervous system trouble. Even the pollen of the plant is toxic so if your cat gets any of this on their fur it is bath time!

2. Chocolate Bunnies, Chocolate Coins and other items made from ground cacao seeds.
The darker the chocolate the more fat and caffeine-like stimulate known as methylxanthines. This is a no-no for us four-leggers. We have a great nose for finding sweet things so if you are having an Easter egg hunt make certain not to hide the chocolate in our reach we will sniff it out.

3. Xylitol (Candy and gum sweetener)
Read the labels and keep any products with this ingredient far away from us!

4. Easter Plastic Grass
It looks fun, moves in the wind haunting us to play with it but be warned it is deadly if swallowed. Any string-like object when ingested or partially ingested can cause a gastrointestinal obstruction that can be life-threatening.

5. Wine
Any kind of alcohol is significantly more toxic to pets than to humans. And remember that grape juice you might be substituting for wine at passover is also a big no-no that can quickly be life-threatening. Just say no and pass me a bone instead!

Might I suggest hiding a few bowls of these for your hunt or serving up a some of these! Happy Holidays!

I also want to post a fun event that is happening in NYC:

Nearly 275 Faberge eggs created by famous designers will be hidden around the city between April 1 and April 17. Participants can check in with their smartphones when they locate one of the two-foot-tall eggs. I hear that there are tons of famous artists who have created very special eggs! Here is a link!!!

What an event!