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OK we had our first mommy haircut… Mom has a lot of respect for the groomers after this challenge. IMG_1460.JPG
She tried her best… as you can see my paws and legs are uneven but a good first try. She was unable to get my muzzle area near my eyes done very well as that part scares her.

What we did learn from this experience is that since not going to the groomers my tummy and nose cleared up, I must have been allergic to a product that the groomer was using on me because my nose started to get the dark color back and my tummy got all pink again.

But at one point something horrible happened while we were using the scissors. Mom gave out this big yelp… I thought I had done something wrong. We had to get tons of band-aids… mom had cut her hand instead of my hair… making a smiley face on the outer fleshy part of her left hand. Mom says it wasn’t anything to smile about … we had to glue it back together. I thought maybe that would end mom’s want to give me baths but she seems to be still into baths and beauty treatments.

Have a good day.
Love SadieMiki