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SADIE_DUCKI Love art and yesterday we all went on a road trip to see the the World’s Largest Rubber Duckie make its West Coast debut at the Port of Los Angeles. 

Florentijn Hofman the Dutch artist who created the concept duck art that has already seen a lot of the world,  appearing in Australia, Taiwan, China, Belgium, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil and Pittsburgh.  We of course had to see it when it came to our town. Boy that was one big bird! It made everyone smile, old and young alike. I asked my two-leggers if we could bring the Rubber Duckie home to add to my toy collection but they said I didn’t have enough room in my toy chest for a six story duckie so I will just have to keep my memories for now. 

I hope you all enjoy the images of the Duckie in the harbor. Love Sadie